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Grounded in scientific research, we enable people to lead longer and healthier lives.

About GeneHarbor

Our mission inspires us to create innovative products that will enable our customers to have longer, healthier lives. We are committed to utilizing cutting-edge scientific research and technologies to create the highest quality and most effective longevity products.

Core Values

Scientific Innovation

Utilizing deep industry knowledge and a network of partners in both academia and the scientific R&D community, we are constantly discovering and applying new science and technologies to improve and enhance our products. By doing this, we consistently offer new and exciting products with the most extensive product portfolio.


Our portfolio of products is scientifically researched, designed, and tested to improve overall health, beauty and longevity. Our products are made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and derived through co-enzymatic processes which produce the highest quality of product available without any harmful chemicals benefiting both the environment and our users.


The safety and well-being of our customers are of the utmost importance to us. To honor our commitment to safety, GeneHarbor’s NMN products became GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) in 2018. In order to obtain a GRAS certification, a panel of 3rd party experts was brought in to test our NMN products. Upon the unanimous agreement that GeneHarbor's NMN products met the safe and harmless standard set forth by the FDA, the GRAS certification was granted.

Additionally, our NMN products have also passed numerous other safety and testing standards including: (1) SGS -the world's leading inspection, authentication, testing and certification organization, and a globally recognized benchmark for quality and integrity and (2) JFRL (Japan Food Analysis Research Laboratories) inspection.